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Ferrets Adopted To Happy Homes
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If "your" ferret isn't here yet, we do maintain a "waiting" list and people on the list will get a call before ferrets are listed on our site.  Please call or email us at fvferret@new.rr.com. Please use "ferret" somewhere in the subject line as that will help your message stand out from all the spam.

FVF offers special adoption packages for harder to place ferrets:
Senior Ferrets
Ferrets with Special Veterinary Needs
Large Ferret Families (3 or more wanting to stay together)
Ferrets with Behavioral Problems needing gentle correction.

  We are happy to talk to you about all of our available ferrets, profiled or not. 
   Please feel free to call or email us and ask about ferrets that haven't been posted for adoption.

Some senior ferrets have been removed from our adoptable page and reclassified as permanent residents because they realistically have very little chance of being adopted.  You can see their profiles on the sponsor a ferret page.

About Penny and Lily    Adoptable as pair only

Penny and Lily were surrendered by a family who drove them all the way from the Twin Cities because they were not getting the attention they needed anymore. According to report, Lily is a sweet heart who has never done any biting. She is picky and doesn’t like any treats, but loves blankets and playing blankie. She arrived with a sore that “comes and goes” and had been recurring for about 6 month. Vet exam revealed this to be a deep tissue infection that occasionally drained-based on the location and shape of the scar there is a strong possibility that one of the other animals in the house grabbed her. A course of antibiotics should have it cleared up. Records indicate she was born 9/11/11. Penny likes treats and is very active. She will bite when she is excited-especially when she is excited. Records indicate she was born on 6/26/11. These girls are imprinted on Marshall Farms food and will just about starve themselves rather than eat anything else. They have been around dogs, cats and kids over 4 years old. Vet check and distemper shots done on 12/30/14.


ABOUT SONIC AND PANDA    Adoptable as pair only .     Experienced Ferret Owners Required  

Panda and Sonic came from a backyard breeder by way of a family who ran an in-home daycare. The BYB did not do a good job of educating the family, and within a few months they realized ferrets, especially rambunctious baby ferrets, were not the right pet for them. Here at the shelter the boys like to play in the water dish and would probably love a ferret sized swimming pool or time in the tub. They are high energy and like chase games and climbing on things. They are still learning their manners and may occasionally nip, sometimes hard, but respond to appropriate correction. We have noted that Sonic is more willing to be held than Panda is. Because of their origin, they were not neutered or descented when they arrived. They had never seen a vet and had not had any shots. They had their distemper shot on 10/2/14 (LS). We are looking into a booster at this time since it has now been 3 months. They were neutered in Nov 2014, but we made the decision NOT TO DESCENT them as we did not want them under anesthetic any longer than necessary for the neuter. Based on their teeth and the timing of their purchase from the BYB, we believe they were born late April or early May of 2014.


ABOUT BANDITO, MAGGIE AND MARGOT     Adoptable as group only

Bandito, Maggie and Margot. Bandito arrived in Aug of 2014, along with his sister who unexpectedly went to the bridge a few week’s later. He was reported as being spunky, not liking bathes, loving treats, using the litter box, and good with dogs, cats and kids as young as 2. Here at the shelter, we have discovered that he does much better in a cage with two little girl ferrets than he does in an open room with multiple ferrets. We have also discovered that as far as he is concerned canned cat food is the best stuff EVER. Prior to arriving at FVF he had never seen a vet, and his birth certificate showed a Jan 2010 birth date. He had his vet check and distemper shot on 8/18/14. Margot and Maggie arrived in Nov of 2014 from Lincoln County Humane. The person who surrendered them there had to have been at least their second home and was calling them simply “ferret one and ferret two”. No further information was given. Here at the shelter we have determined that they get overwhelmed in larger ferret groups, but have adopted Bandito. Both are very playful and curious. They love to run around and explore. We have noticed that Maggie is a talker and will chuckle and dook as she runs around. Based on the condition of their teeth, we believe they were born later in 2011. They had their vet check and distemper shots on 11/18/14 (amc).


ABOUT BUDDY    Senior Citizen with Special Needs

Buddy arrived with full blown adrenal disease. His sister, who arrived with him sadly went to the bridge without warning. Prior to coming to FVF, a concern person had pulled them out of a neglect situation but knew she could not keep them. She held them just under 2 months before bringing them to us. According to that person, Buddy loves attention and was great with kids as young as 2. He had not met any dogs or cats. Here at the shelter his hair has grown in beautifully following a ferretonin implant and he has done well with other sweet seniors. Because of his age (estimated as 6) and adrenal disease, he was vet checked on 8/5/14 but was not vaccinated.


ABOUT SASSY AND PODO    Adoptable as pair only    Podo is Senior Citizen with Special Needs

Sassy and Podo arrived from a severe neglect situation with another ferret, Kodo, who sadly had to be euthanize after about 2 months as he was not getting any better and we suspect he had a tumor in his abdomen, but was so debilitated he would not have survived surgery. Sassy gives kisses and wants to play. She likes to escape from her cage (reported by her foster mom before coming to FVF). As she was the youngest, she was the least impacted by the neglect. She had no identifiable health issues other than needing a clean environment and good food readily available. Based on the condition of her teeth, we think Sassy was about 2 ˝ (born early 2012). Podo was in much worse condition with ear and skin infections. Medications cleared his ear infections but he still has a discolored spot on his side that he occasionally scratches at-we believe it to be scar tissue. Podo is also affectionate and gives kisses. He loved having his ears rubbed and having play time. Based on the condition of his teeth, we believe he was at least 5 when he arrived (born mid 2009 at the latest). Vet checked at Lakeside on 6/18/14, but because of their condition they were not vaccinated. We will be reassessing vaccinations in the near future since they are both doing much better.



Skitso and Demi arrived in April of 2014 with their sister Minka. Unfortunately Minka has some health issues and went to the bridge in August. Skitso and Demi are very sweet and playful. They seem to really enjoy tubes and ball pits. Skitso likes to play “blankie”, and Demi will eventually join in. Based on owner report, all three were born in Sept 2009. Vet check and distemper done on 4/17/14. Demi had a basal cell tumor behind her ear, it was removed and she had a dental on 4/24/14.



Zanna and Hera. Zanna arrived with Zander and Ziva. She is younger and larger than Ziva, but every bit as playful. She has been known to nip when she is really excited. She does not mean anything by it, but it is important that she is not “roughed up” by your hands while playing as we do not want to encourage the nipping. , Zanna was likely born between May and Oct 2011. Her original vet check and distemper was done on 10/15/13 (amc). Hera arrived at FVF in Aug 2013. She had been advertised on CL as “last day for ferret” and a person went and got her and brought her to FVF. Hera was a diva at first, and would get all upset if another ferret came near her. Eventually she decided that she liked playing with Zanna, and slowly became part of their family. She now plays with all of them, and other ferrets in the room as well. Based on the condition of her teeth, we believe she was born summer of 2010. Original vet check and distemper done on 8/27/13 (amc), they both had their vet checks and distempers updated 11/3/14 (LS).


  ABOUT ZANDER AND ZIVA    Senior Citizen

Zander and Ziva are older ferrets, but you would never know it. Zander believes all stuffed toys must die and takes his mission to wipe them from the face of the earth very seriously-because of this; he and his sister must not have stuffed toys. Ziva is a tiny girl who is sometimes too smart for her own good. She figured out that if she climbed on the top of the automatic feeder, she could launch herself up and grab the top of the gate, then pull herself out of the ferret room-because of this, “her” room no longer has a large feeder in it. These ferrets and their sister Zanna have been at FVF since Oct 2013. Based on the condition of their teeth, we believe Zander and Ziva were born between May and Oct 2008. Vet check and distemper done on 10/15/13 (amc), with vet checks updated 11/3/14 (LS), however due to Zander’s health (he is showing some signs of being adrenal) and age, and Ziva’s age, they did not receive vaccines this year.


ABOUT WIZZIE AND OLD MAN FERT    Adoptable as pair only    With Special Needs

Wizzie and Old Man Fert both arrived at FVF in Sept 2013. Wizzie was a private surrender who was a diva and did not like other ferrets. In her time here, she has gotten used to the idea that having other ferrets to play and cuddle with isn’t such a bad thing. She now does very well with the senior and mellow ferrets she is housed with. Her first ferret friend was Old Man Fert and they should stay together. She is very sweet, and a gentle player. She has never shown any nipping behavior here. According to the person who surrendered her, she was born in June, 2011-the condition of her teeth is consistent with that. Original vet check and distemper shot done on 9/6/13 (amc), updated 11/3/14 (LS). Old Man Fert arrived as a stray. He was very thin and had apparently wandered through a nest of ticks shortly before arrival-he was at FVF for a week before the ticks got large enough to be visible! He was named not because is a senior, but because when he arrived, he acted like an old, world weary soul. Based on the condition of his teeth, he was probably born early to mid 2010. He had a dental on 10/8/13 (LS) and a broken canine was removed at that time. O.M. is very sweet and gives kisses. He is very laid back, and gets along wonderfully with Wizzie. Original vet check and distemper done on 9/25/13 (amc) His vet check was updated 11/3/14 (LS), but because of his age and his body condition more consistent with an older ferret, it was decided not to give him a vaccine. 

 *Fox Valley Ferret is also caring for ferrets not considered adoptable at this time

Ferrets Adopted To Happy Homes
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Eulogies for Deceased Ferrets

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